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I think he would be concerned about Beth. I think also because he believed at one time that people could be brought back, and then lost that belief, I’m not sure that he would buy into that [hope in D.C.]. He would be looking for Beth.
Scott Wilson on whether Hershel would be going to D.C. or looking for Beth
And okay look, I’m not saying he’s a stalker but he saved your beard in his fridge and he says he’s gonna do some kind of like, African voodoo to make you like him.

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Do you remember your name?

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I believe now.

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I don’t learn. One of my issues.

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Are you guys tired from your long lines and meeting Norman Reedus?….yeah he’ll wear you out!! No I mean..like…*giggles* oh no.
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5x01 | 8x09

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I think she does understand the Doctor better. [x]

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If Beth goes through all this shit and doesn’t make it alive I swear to god Scott Gimple

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